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Guest Who #2

When: 12th March 2014 Where: Theatre Zaal 3, De Constant Rebequeplein 20a, The Hague Entrance fee: Between €7,50 and €3,50 p.p including a drink! The more visitors, the cheaper the ticket, so bring all your friends and colleagues to lower the price! Tickets can be purchased on the 12th at the door. Language: Dutch/English

NEW! Dinner available from 18.00 h.! Let us know if you like to join us:
Dinner 18:00 by Daphne Blomsma - Zaal 3 winkel & cafe

Program 19:30 -22:00 + drinks

Sabrina Lindemann - OpTrek

will talk about her project Mobiel Bureau OpTrek based in Transvaal. For reasons of urban development this district is to be demolished and radically restructured in the upcoming years. The objective of OpTrek is to examine and visualize this transformation for a wider public. Sabrina will tell us all about ReSourceCity Binckhorst, a project in the Binkchorst which uses temporality as a strategy to re-vitalize urban areas.

BAKK DJ's The Social Lover, Still Serious Nic & Handsome Thomas form together the musical collective BAKK, based in The Hague. At Guest Who #2 BAKK will spill all about ODD BEAT RADIO - one of their projects - a live radioshow on Thursday's at Club HOOP. This is a motley night with musical oddities and guests, chit-chat and refreshing drinks - a perfect niche between your homely couch, a club and a bar. BAKK will also sell their latest label release - another project - featuring Aurora Halal and Haron at Guest Who #2.

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