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Our first edition of Guest Who was a blast!

Together with Satellietgroep and Theater ah Spui, Wander hosts a new monthly program in Zaal 3 called Guest Who. It´s an informal yet substantive evening where you will be served a whole range of impressions on the upcoming cultural activities, exhibitions and residencies in The Hague. During this monthly evening an ever changing selection of The Hague based initiatives will blurb and blab about their upcoming program. Afterwards there´s a meet, greet & drink with the artists/curators at the bar.

This edition featured talks by David Veneman, artist and post-social-media-guru, on his fascination for internet, facebook and our online existence. Artist Daphne Blomsma presented her plans for the lunchroom she´s creating at the frontspace of Zaal 3. Simon Farid, Wander´s current artist in residence, showed us almost all his identity signifiers, like passportnumbers and other personal details, and explained how that´s related to his research residency in February and March. Theo Jansen showed us his ´Strandbeesten´ regarding his upcoming show in the Electriciteitsfabriek around the corner. Satellietgroep invited curator Vytautas Michelkevicius to tell more about their joined program with Nida Art Colony in Lithuania. And last but not least Adries Micke showed us the plans for a new citygarden called ´t Gras van de Buren.

The next edition will be on 12th March in Zaal 3. Follow us on Facebook!