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For every resident Wander creates a customized local network of experts and advisors with overlapping research topics or likeminded practices.

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Janwillem Schrofer


Janwillem is an organisational sociologist and ex-President of the Rijksakademie. He was a guest speaker at Wander Wonders Symposium #1 and was involved as an advisor for Bristol Diving School.

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Janwillem Schrofer is an independent professional, who – through Valtana Consultancy – is active in the cultural sector, with a strong accent on artists. Within his counselling practice there’s a focus on matching aims, qualities and expectations of individual artists with aims, qualities and expectations of cultural organizations, like Artist-in-Residencies. Optimalizing both: individuals and institutions.

He: 1. Coaches individual artists on career choices, art projects and applications (for Residencies, PhD Research, funding); 2. Connects artists in all continents depending on the nature of their plans, using existing and new networks, including his personal one built up in some thirty years; 3. Councels cultural organizations on strategy, organization, programming, selection and funding through: consultancy, lectures and workshops, juries and working groups and through executive coaching (Designhuis, HKU, OCAT/Shenzhen, Geoyonggi/Korea, Tokyo Wonder Site, a.o.), and; 4. Supports cultural organizations and artists through – boardmembership of – several philanthropic and other foundations (Chinese European Art Center, Pauwhoffonds, Van Bijleveltstichting, Rijksakademie Artists’ Endowment Fund, Teoría y Practicá de las Artes).

During his career – starting in marketing and management consultancy – he worked in alternative YouthCare and on new, innovative forms of Care for the Elder, before entering the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam, in 1982. As President he revitalized and reinvented the institute, which by mid eighties evolved into a Research Residency, opening up for artists from low income, often turbulent societies in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Several of these artists developed artists’ platforms in varying shapes in some 12 places, combining their international (global) career in the art world with taking responsability for (local) places – often micro-residencies – aiming at reinforcement of artists and on society development. The institutional umbrella of this Rijksakademie Artists’Initiatives Network (RAIN) was intently dissolved in 2007, however with continued mutual exchange and cooperation between artists, be it in a less visible form (for outsiders). The Prix de Rome, national prize for Artists and Architects including a residency or workperiod, was also redefined (in 1985 and in 2005). On departure in 2010 he received the Royal Order of Orange Nassau, thus honoring art and artists in and outside the Netherlands.