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On December 14th 2013 three of our guests participated in the seminar Shifting AiR Strategies. Anne, Anna and Kosta contributed each with their own piece.

Anne Breure, Shifting

Anna Moreno, Deep Play

Kosta Tonev, Exi(s)t

Download the full program here.

Shifting AiR Strategies was a cooperation with id11, Transartists/DutchCulture and Satellietgroup and was organized within the frameworks of: CreArt - Network of Cities for Artistic Creation and Mutual artist-in-residence Impulse Russia-Netherlands.

Anne Breure

Oct - Dec 2013


(born 1988, The Netherlands) is a recent graduate from the MA Art and Politics at Goldsmiths, University of London. She has an interdisciplinary practice and is active in the fields of politics, academia and arts. In 2010 she initiated Het Gele Huis – a platform for encounter between art, politics, academia and people. She is founder and artistic director of the multidisclipinary gallery Flat34 (based in Halls of Residence, London).

More on Anne's work.

Anne Breure on her work:

I am interested in the practices that organise our social order. How do we give form to these practices as individual human beings within a society and as plural human beings together as a society? How do we perform those practices and what spaces do we bring as such into being? I often juxtapose two different spaces, that both constitute different politics, by putting the ‘script’ – the instructions a specific space gives us on how to perform – in juxtaposition with the ‘script’ of another space. By overlaying both scripts/both performances, I aim to create spaces where one can see, question and imagine (new) practices that form, organize and constitute the given or another social order.

Anne participated in the seminar Shifting AiR Strategies.

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