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On December 14th 2013 three of our guests participated in the seminar Shifting AiR Strategies. Anne, Anna and Kosta contributed each with their own piece.

Anne Breure, Shifting

Anna Moreno, Deep Play

Kosta Tonev, Exi(s)t

Download the full program here.

Shifting AiR Strategies was a cooperation with id11, Transartists/DutchCulture and Satellietgroup and was organized within the frameworks of: CreArt - Network of Cities for Artistic Creation and Mutual artist-in-residence Impulse Russia-Netherlands.

Anna Moreno


(born 1984, Spain) received an MA in Artistic Production and Research in Barcelona. Currently she is based between Barcelona and The Hague. She teaches 'Artistic Research' at the Royal Academy of Art (The Hague).

More on Anna's work.

Anna Moreno on her work:

The core question of my practice is: From which position is one talking? To solve it, I attempt to detect the specific moment in which subjectivity enters the political. I refer to this as ideological interpellation, a means by which I investigate how ideology is embedded in our behavior.

In my work, conflict and discomfort act as audience catalyzers. The materials that conform it emerge from a complex process of negotiation with other collaborators. I explore the capacities of the performative in lectures, events, video or installations, some of which belong to wider projects that I develop besides theoretical research.

Anna participated in the seminar Shifting AiR Strategies.

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