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flyer Common Ground

Common Ground

Aug-Sept 2013

Wander invites Swiss artist Lorenz Olivier Schmid to develop Common Ground; an exchange project to produce both conversation and compost by the artist and his audience together. 

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Common Ground by Lorenz Olivier Schmid

During his stay as an artist-in-residence Lorenz Olivier Schmid explores the social and sustainable qualities of composting for the idyllic Nutstuin in The Hague, a city where composting is not common just yet. Lorenz collects organic waste in The Hague, meets with local experts to reflect on his research and designs a sustainable compost bin for collective use.

Comparing the biological process of fermentation with the creative thinking process, Lorenz explores a metaphorical approach to composting. Brainstorming could be seen as the fermentation of ideas, opinions and thoughts to eventually find common ground.

Common Ground was a collaboration with Haags Milieucentrum en the Nutshuis.

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Geert van Poelgeest


Geert is the project manager at the Environmental Centre (HMC) in The Hague. He was involved as an advisor for Lorenz Olivier Schmid during Compostourism.