A cultural framework for every guest.

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Wander customizes a cultural framework for every guest and teams up with a partner institutions to host public events.

These are the institutions and organisations that we have had the pleasure of collaborating with so far:


Together with Nest, we co-hosted Artstuff #1, a public event on the meaning of collaboration and collectivity by artist collective Bristol Diving School.

Nest is a contemporary art platform with a 400 m2 exhibition­ space in The Hague. Shows at Nest focus on specific themes which are being investigated through the work of local, national and international artists. Nest projects not only look at the artist and his or her work but also pay attention to the role of artists and artworks within their social and functional context in society. A subprogram of Nest called Nestarchy looks for more experimental ways to deal with presentation and collaboration. In One Nest Stands artists and curators get the chance to visualise their own shows and projects for the duration of one night.